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Senior Portrait rates at UC San Diego:











***The first two different UCSD on campus locations count as 1 location. 

Additional locations on campus locations will count as a different location.*** 


For example:

Geisel + Rady + ERC + Cliffs will be a 4 location shoot since ERC is a third on campus location and the cliffs are off campus. 

Overtime and Groupshots

1) We can continue to shoot for more time after the designated time for $30/hr. 

2) Individual shots of members in the group will be an additional $25/person.


For example: 

A 2 location shoot with a group of 3 people and individual shots of each will start from $375 (300+25(3) = $375 + overtime)


Post Processing & Delivery

Comes with as many color graded photos from the shoot and 5 air brushed, digitally enhanced photos for each individual and the whole group. 


Delivery method will be via google drive link to ultra high resolution JPEG images.



I accept Bitcoin/Cash/Check/Venmo. I do not accept paypal 



Q: Do you do prints?

A: I do not do prints. (I recommend putting the photos on a thumbdrive and printing them at cvs/costco/wallgreens. Costco has the best deals from my experience, with 12x18in enlargements for $2.99)


Q: Do you have props?

A: I do not have props so please coordinate that on your own. I’m happy to get creative with frames, mirrors, confetti, etc.

Q: Can I get the original photo you took?

A: If you're interested in uncompressed photos from the shoot, original TIFF/DNGs will be $25/photo. These are for people who want to mess with the photos later, but I don't get these requests often and the JPEG images are high quality enough for most clients. 

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